Fabian TrevinFabian is a prodigy in sorcery who lives a simple life in a secluded family-owned vineyard. He appears to be a naive child, whereas in reality he is quite sensitive to the feelings of others and has a well-developed sense of justice for his age.

Eam BealoUnlike Hagen, his father, Eam is ambitious and competitive by nature. He holds high standards for himself as well as for others, making him appear arrogant and unbearably demanding. He carries with him a great sense of pride and honor in his noble lineage, which nonetheless are the qualities of a worthy knight.

Albion TrevinAlbion seems to be a cold and distant man on the surface. But in actual fact, he is extremely protective of his family, and acts very cautiously in order to keep them out of harm. Once he was known as the greatest sorcerer in the kingdom. But for unknown reasons, he has refused to use his powers any more.

Hagen BealoBeing the 35th commander of the Royal Knights, Hagen is especially sharp-witted and charismatic. He is able to maintain composure under even the most dire circumstances, while still being notorious for his ferocity in battle. Though a reputable figure to most people, his greatest joy is pampering his son every chance he gets.

Iliora RozeneIliora comes from one of the most prominent royal houses. However, she has worked really hard to earn her current position as the vice-commander of the Royal Knights. She has a bright disposition, as well as solid self-determination, despite the fact that she is the last of her bloodline.