Team TK

A comic artist based in Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur. She has been drawing professionally since 2010 with various local & international publishers such as: Koloni, Gempak Starz, re:on Comics and Rosarium Publishing. She has attended and sold self-published works through comic conventions all over Asia Pacific, including Comitia 111 and 112 in Tokyo. She also recently won an award for Japan’s Silent Manga Audition 2015

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Find her on twitter and instagram at: @Veleries


Farhan A.
Farhan first started working with Fairsky and Veleries in 2013, translating The Butterfly Ink. He has since helped to translate, edit and proofread various other projects for the two. He also helped to design as well as co-found Farhan currently works as a teacher in Kuala Lumpur and enjoys helping out at various comic events.

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